Tozai Living Jewel Junmai Sake


Wine label
Bottle sizes:300 ML, 720 ML
Tasting:Produced in Kyoto's ancient brewing town of Fushimi, known for its abundant supply of pure, pristine, and soft water from many nearby mountains. The label image is a Japanese "koi" whose vibrant colors and shimmering scales have earned them the moniker "living jewels". Sake Facts Quality Grade: Junmai Seimaibuai: 70% (30% of rice grain polished away) Rice: Koshihikari Yeast: Brewer's Original Nihonshu-do: 6.5 Alcohol: 14.9% Acidity: 1.6 Brewery Facts Brewery Name: Kizakura Brewery Location: Kyoto Prefecture Toji (master brewer): Mr. Wakai Tasting Notes/Food Pairing: The aromas of white grape, anise, and a hint of sweet rice are quite complex. These same flavors come rushing through the medium-bodied palate which has a slightly creamy texture followed by a hint of white pepper and fresh herbal notes. The long, clean finish makes this a great sippping sake as well as a companion to a wide range of foods.