Clos des Fous Pour Ma Gueule Pais Blend Itata

Clos des Fous

Wine label
Bottle sizes:750 ML
Varietals:Red Blend
Varietal notes:52% Cinsault, 33% Carignan, 8% Syrah, 4% Pais, 3% Malbec
Vineyard:This is a field blend from old ungrafted vines with an average age of 50 years.
Orientation:1,150 feet in elevation, these vineyards are in the coastal Itata moutains.
Soil:Red granite slopes in Cauquenes and oxidized iron rich coastal hills of Itata.
Viticulture:dry farmed, bush pruned vines, all work done by hand and animal. They work the vineyards naturally and incorporate some biodynamic ideas.
Vinification:wild yeast fermentation in stainless steel or concrete. No oak used at all.
Aging:No oak aging.
Production:1,150 cases
Tasting:Pour Ma Guele - a French term for wines winemakers stow away for family and friends - is a field blend from Chile’s southern soul-filled vineyards. Its grapes are harvested from dry-farmed, old-vines planted on ancient red granite slopes of Cauquenes and the high rolling, oxidized iron hills of Coastal Itata. A sort of ‘rastafari’ blend of the wild old-vines found in Chile’s south, it represents a very historically important piece of Chile’s wine regions.


Wine advocate: 90
A red you want to buy by the case, one of those thirst wines is the 2015 Pour Ma Gueule. It is a complex blend from Cauquenes (Maule) and Itata, with some 50% Cinsault and one-third Cariñena, plus small amounts of Syrah, País and Malbec from old, dry-farmed vineyards. The grapes were separately harvested, fermented and aged in stainless steel and concrete vats and then were blended. It's juicy, ripe and balanced, terribly tasty, not terribly complex but greatly satisfying. All the varieties are nicely assembled, easy but not banal, with the granite minerality in the palate, which is so difficult to find in wines and even more so at this price level. A bargain! 26,660 bottles were filled in April 2016.