Huet Vouvray Petillant


Wine label
Bottle sizes:750 ML
Varietals:Chenin Blanc
Vineyard:Several estate parcels on Vouvray's esteemed Premiere Côte
Soil:Limestone-rich clay soils
Viticulture:All grapes harvested by hand. Noel Pinguet was one of the first French vignerons to adopt biodynamic viticulture and credit biodynamics with enhancing the personalities of the estate's terroirs.
Vinification:Bottled before primary fermentation is finished, resulting in a lower pressure sparkling wine - pétillant - because only a portion of the fermentation occurs inside the bottle. Yeast is added to ensure the fermentation progresses smoothly. Once finished the wine is disgorged. Dosage = 10 g/l and is made up of cane sugar and demi-sec or moelleux wines from a previous vintage.
Tasting:Among the great values in sparkling wine and competes in pedigree, texture and flavor with many Champagnes. Shows trues versatility of Chenin and provides endless drinking pleasure.