Valdespino Amontillado Medium Contrabandista Jerez


Wine label
Bottle sizes:750 ML
Varietals:White Blend
Varietal notes:95% Palomino Fino, 5% Pedro Ximenez
Vineyard:The Palomino Fino come from Macharnudo Alto and vines in excess of 25 years old
Orientation:The vineyard faces the south east with and inclination of 10 degrees and at an altitude of 135 meters high.
Soil:Albariza or a white chalky soil. When wet it sheds water to deeper soils and as it dries it "clods" creating a protective layer that slows the evaporation of water from below.
Viticulture:The vines are bush pruned in the traditional method.
Vinification:The wine is fermented naturally in very old oak barrels. They remain in this "sobretabla" for 1 year fermenting to about 12% alcohol and forming the flor. The wine is then removed from the lees and fortified to 15% and introduced to the first "criadera" or level of the Tio Diego solera.
Aging:The wine is Tio Diego blended with 5% PX and with an average age of 10+ years
Tasting:Dark amber in color. Aromatics of hazelnuts with a smooth and persistent palate.


Wine advocate: 89
The NV Contrabandista is a blend of the style called medium dry that is usually a very commercial category of cheap sherries. It is an off-dry blend of Palomino produced in an Amontillado way (biological + oxidative aging) and around 5% Pedro Ximénez with 30 grams of residual sugar which averages 18 years of age. It's has a mahogany color, with a bright amber border with aromas of dates and raisins that give a sapid, bittersweet sensation in a medium-bodied palate of moderate sweetness. This is easy to drink. Valdespino belongs to Grupo Estévez, who ages and amazing 35,000 butts of sherry in their winery in the outskirts of Jerez.