Descendientes de J. Palacios Corullon Bierzo

Descendientes de J. Palacios

Wine label
Bottle sizes:375 ML, 750 ML
Vineyard:Selection of parcels around the village of Corullon in Bierzo. The vine age ranges from 60 - 100 years old.
Orientation:Very steep slopes (30-50 degrees) at altitudes ranging from 400 to 900 meters
Soil:100% friable schist.
Viticulture:Everything is done by hand or mule. Practicing Organic and Biodynamic.
Vinification:The grapes are harvested by hand, sorted and destemmed by hand. They macerate for 25 days in oak fermentors with hand punch down. Spontaneous fermentation. No fining or filtering.
Aging:Aged in French oak, all of which was previously used either for past vintages of Corullon or to have briefly aged Petalos.
Production:1,250 cases


Wine advocate: 95
Ricardo Pérez Palacios told me his favorite overall vintages for Bierzo are 2001, 2012 and possibly 2015, because he sees them as very complete years, even if 2015 didn't have as perfect conditions as 2001 and 2012; the 2015 Corullón is a perfect example of that, a really pretty wine, open, where I see the similarities with 2012. They use many of the vineyards year after year, all of them around the village of Corullón, all planted with a field blend of varieties, and they have been increasing the percentage of white grapes from those vines that they include in the cuvée. In 2015, it can be almost 9%, mostly Palomino, and they feel it polishes that slight bitterness in the finish of the Mencía, reminiscent of green almonds. Of course, there are also other red grapes, like Alicante Bouschet, Gran Negro, Pan y Carne and Negreda, that might contribute to some 2% of the volume. 19,572 bottles, 720 half bottles, 450 magnums, 45 double magnums and 30 Jeroboams were filled between May 11th and 17th of 2017.