Yuho Eternal Embers Junmai Sake


Wine label
Bottle sizes:720 ML
Varietal notes:Notohikari
Aging:Aged in bottle for 1 year
Tasting:Ishikawa prefecture is home to the energetic Abare Festival, also affectionately called "Fire & Violence", where revelers playfully pay homage to the deity of destruction. Spectators watch as illuminated lantern floats and shrines are carried through the streets. Huge bonfires are set while melodies of Japanese drums, gongs, and flutes are heard throughout the festival. Raisin notes and grain and nutty touches are flecked to and fro about the flavor, which spreads, and spreads and spreads, wide then back, filling every nook and cranny of the palate before smoothly progressing into the finish while never letting up, making you want yet another glass. Seemingly a major trademark of Yuho sake, there is lots of umami without being cloying. A great sake to try warmed as well as slightly chilled.