Chateau La Grande Roche

California, United States

Chateau La Grande Roche is Forman Vineyard’s second label from Ric Forman, a legend in Napa.  He established this second label to assure that the Forman Cabernet will always be created from only the very best lots in a given year. Forman is the “Reserve.” Chateau La Grand Roche is made up of those lots that didn’t make the cut for the Forman label. It is made with all of the same care and dedication as Forman, as well as sourced from the same hillsides vines surrounding the winery.

Meaning Chateau of the “big rock” as the winery was carved out of the massive pink and grey boulders on which it sits.  The winery is situated on Big Rock Road perched on a ridge at the base of Howell Mountain overlooking the town of St. Helena. Production is only about 500 cases.  A beautiful and classic Napa Cabernet that is very reminiscent of the elder Forman Cabernet at a fraction of the price.