Chateau Manos

Bordeaux, France

The NĂ©el-Chombart family, owners of Chateau Lamothe in the hilltop commune of Haux, took over the management of the neighboring Chateau Manos in 1991. While much of region's vines were destroyed by the frost of 1956, some higher altitude parcels above the frostline were spared. The old vine Semillon parcel was among one of them. Damien Chombart had long-admired the historic Manos vineyard so when the opportunity to farm it was offered up, he jumped at the chance. Today the family is a delighted craft that lauded sweet wines of the Cadillac appellation, which was established in 1973 and takes its name from 16th century explorer Antoine de Lamothe de Cadillac, founder of the city of Detroit, Michigan where the legendary Cadillac is made. Sandwiched between the right bank of the Garonne River and the calcareous cliffs of the Entre Deux Mers plateau, Cadillac benefits from a local micro-climate ideal for sweet wine production. In the fall, the river gives rise to early morning humidity, which gradually dries up throughout the day; conditions that are particularly conducive to the development of molds that eventually turn into noble rot.

About 80% of Chateau Manos grapes are botrytised and the wine is fermented in vats or barrels in the underground limestone cellars of Chateau Lamothe. This semillon dominant blend has a luminous golden color, remarkable finesse, and enticing aromas and flavors of honey, citrus and spice. A lively acidity serves as the backbone of the wine and ensures an aging potential of up to 15 years. This is among the great values in our sweet wine offering. 

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