Vintage: NV
Bottle sizes: 300 ML, 720 ML
Country: Japan
Region: Akita
Wine type: Sake
Varietals: Rice
Varietal notes: Ginnosei
Organic: Practicing
Notes: Sake Facts Quality Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai (at least 40% of rice grain polished away) Seimaibuai: 55% (45% of rice grain polished away) Rice: Ginnosei (organically grown but not yet certified) Yeast: AK-1 Nihonshu-do: +4 Alcohol: 16.2% Acidity: 1.5 Sulfite-free. Gluten-free. Kosher. Brewery Facts Brewery Name: Asamai Shuzo (founded in 1917). Brewery Location: Akita Prefecture Toji (Master Brewer): Koichi Moriya Brewery President: Hidemori "Special K" Kakizaki
Publication: Vinous
Rating: 91
I recently tasted through the sake portfolio of Vine Connections, better known for their prime selection of wines from Argentina, and was knocked out by the quality of sakes they import from small, family-run brewers in Japan.