Vintage: NV
Bottle sizes: 300 ML, 720 ML
Country: Japan
Region: Kumamoto
Wine type: Sake
Varietals: Rice
Varietal notes: Shinriki
Notes: This is the only Japanese sake brewed with Shinriki, a rare strain of rice that is the ancestor of many of today's sake rices. It was recently revived from small stocks by this brewery. Sake Facts Quality Grade: Junmai Ginjo Seimaibuai: 55% (45% of rice grain polished away) Rice: Shinriki Yeast: Kumamoto Nihonshu-do: 2.5 Alcohol: 15.9% Acidity: 1.5 This is a rich, full flavored sake with fresh-cut green grass aromas and hints of tropical fruits with cantaloupe leading by a nose. The mouth feel is silky with mango and baked pear flavors and suggestions of creme brulee, though the sweetness is kind to the palate with excellent acidity leading the way to the finish.