Tensei Song of the Sea Junmai Ginjo Sake



Vintage: NV
Bottle sizes: 720 ML
Country: Japan
Region: Kanagawa
Wine type: Sake
Varietals: Rice
Varietal notes: Yamada Nishiki & Gohyakumangoku
Notes: Made with yeast #9 that is obtained directly from the brewer that discovered it (Koro, in Kumamoto), rather than through the usual distribution channels. This makes the resulting sake a bit more lively and intense. The Great Wave of Kanagawa, the most recognized work of Japanese woodblock art in the world, was created in the prefecture where the Kumazawa brewery is located. Also, the city where it's located is known for its beach scene -- a port city, a surf spot. A junmai ginjo that displays some of the best balance in the business between aromas and flavors. A medley of apple, banana and melon lead the aroma parade, and these are apparent in the flavor as well. Both the aromas and the flavors present their share of intensity, but the finish is clean.