Vintage: NV
Bottle sizes: 375 ML
Country: Spain
Region: Jerez
Appellation: Jerez
Wine type: Sherry
Varietals: Moscatel
Varietal notes: Moscatel
Vinification: The moscatel grapes are slowly pressed and allowed to begin the alcoholic fermentation naturally. The wine is then fortified to stop fermentation and retain some natural sugar. The wine then enters the Promesa solera system.
Aging: The solera of Promesa feeds the last criadera of Toneles. The Toneles solera is so named because the wine ages in "toneles" or 1,000 liter barrels rather than 500 liters for the other wines. The average age of the wine is 80+ years. The solera consits of only 1 tonel.
Production: Valdespino bottles less than 250 liters of this wine per year.
Notes: The oldest sweet moscatel wine! Very intense mahogany color with dense and remarkable personality. The aromas are of great complexity, intensity and persistence. Notes of nuts, coffee, very fine liquors, spices and chocolate. On the palate it is most powerful with marvelous texture and body. Exceptional flavors of citruses - oranges, grapefruits and mandarins. It has sweetness but is also very fresh with great acidity. A truly unique wine.
Publication: Wine advocate
Rating: 100
The NV Moscatel Toneles has reached a mythical status locally in Spain. It’s an extremely old, concentrated and powerful sweet wine that was long forgotten, because there was no market for it. The color is dark brown, almost opaque with amber-green edges. The ever-changing nose is an explosion of spices (curry and cinnamon) and noble woods, and from the sheer concentration it displays a myriad of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, balsamic herbs and even a note of coconut. After some time in the glass the roasted orange notes of Muscat come back intermixed with very spicy incense notes. Give it more time and it smells of camphor. It’s fascinating to smell it over the course of a few hours? even days. The palate is immensely concentrated, with the alcohol perfectly integrated and the extreme sweetness compensated by a piercing acidity that reminds me of some century-old Madeiras. It ends with an acute coffee note. The aftertaste is eternal. It is exceptional that such an old wine (it could be over 80 years of average age) keeps the freshness and balance, but when this happens, the wine is exceptional. A world-class sweet wine that shows what aged Muscat is able for. With its 430 grams of residual sugar, this wine is indestructible, but only 100 bottles are withdrawn and bottled yearly from a single, large cask. Drink 2013-2034.