Yuho Rhythm of the Centuries Junmai Kimoto Sake



Vintage: NV
Bottle sizes: 720 ML
Country: Japan
Region: Ishikawa
Wine type: Sake
Varietals: Rice
Varietal notes: Notohikari
Notes: Yama-oroshi is the Japanese term for the pole-ramming or mixing of the yeast starter that takes place in the kimoto process. Kimoto is the term for the original type of yeast starter. Kimoto is a specialty of Yokomichi-san, who knows well how to maximize the method to bring out complexity and fine-grained flavors. It is aged in bottle about four years, but because it is so well made, the changes are all positive, mostly seen in well-rounded edges to the flavors and in overall smoothness. This traditional method has been used at Mioya brewery for over a century. A character-laden umami drives the citrist-tinged flavor overall, lots of complexity, more nutty notes than over fruit, and a push of acidity at the end that focuses everything into clean finish. A great sake to try warmed as well as slightly chilled.