Chateau Chatelier

Bordeaux, France

A refuge for monks in the 16th century, Ch√Ęteau Chatelier vines have been in the Houbaer family since 1890. Current owner Jean-Michel Chatelier is the great-grandson on the maternal side of the family. On the slopes overlooking the Dordogne River, the vineyards face south/southeast towards the medieval town of Saint-Emilion. The sandy soils provide good drainage and keep the soil from compacting. A good, sunny exposure, meticulous canopy maintenance, and the beneficial influence of the Dordogne River ensure that the grapes ripen evenly and maintain acidity and freshness. The Chateau Chatelier Rouge and Blanc duo are always a go-to in the Polaner portfolio for their utter deliciousness and exceptional value. This is French bistro wine all the way!