California, United States
At a Glance
  • The Cultivar brand was started by Jody Harris who's Granfathe rpurchased the Caspar Estate in Napa in the early 1960's
  • After a sucessful business and real estate career, Jody decide to return to the family property and plant vineyards and nuture the farm and olive trees
  • Consulting winemaker Julien Fayard has worked with Ch. Lafite Rothschild, as well as Philippe Melka in California
  • The Cultivar tag line is "one Cultivar, many appellations", meaning the wines are a true representation of the Napa Valley and North Coast through the blending of several sites 
  • The wines are approachable in style with ample structure and fruit to make them very appealing and easy to enjoy

Cultivar was begun in 2010 with the goal of producing the absolute best "price-quality ratio" Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc from the Napa Valley. The winery is the brainchild of Jody Harris, whose grandfather bought land in Napa in 1962, now the Caspar Estate Winery, and Richard Harris, a 25 year veteran of the Napa Valley wine scene and for many years Wine Director at the famed Tra Vigna restaurant in St Helena. The two combine their efforts with consulting winemaker, Julien Fayard, who cut his teeth in France at Chateau Lafite-Rothchild and in California, working under Philippe Melka.

The passion behind Cultivar is to produce Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet from selected vineyard sources throughout the valley that have depth of character, while still remaining approachable and affordable.  They are able to achieve their objective by combining a base of wine crafted from several choice contracted vineyards along with other small, choice lots of finished wine that they are able to source from some of their boutique neighbors in the Valley. The winery also produces small lots of single-vineyard Napa Cabernets, parts of which find their way into the base Napa blend. Alas, the tag line “One Cultivar, many appellations” represents the sourcing of grapes from several appellations within Napa Valley to capture the characteristics of fruit and to heighten the complexity and quality of the overall blend. By combining cooler sites, hillside vineyards, valley floor and bench land, the final result when blended represents a higher caliber of wine.

The style of the Cultivar is neither flashy and over the top, nor lean and austere. The Cabernet Sauvignon shows good power and depth of fruit, balanced oak, and ample structure to pair well with food. The Sauvignon Blanc, as well, walks the line between fleshy, melony fruit, and a bright core of fresh, citrussy acidity. They are wines that drink well and make you want that second (or third!) glass.

Frankly, there is nothing better than having wines that quite simply "kick-butt" for their respective categories. And Cultivar fits the bill in spades!


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