Rhone, France

Domaine Jean-David is a small estate located in Seguret in the Côtes-du-Rhône Villages appellation. They are strong believers in organic viticulture and have been certified organic for years. Even before they were officially certified, there has never been chemical additives used in their vineyards.

This 17 hectare estate is run by the amicable couple, Jean and Martine David. The work in the vineyards is all done by hand, with respect for the environment as well as the natural rhythm of the seasons. There is an effort to create a biodiversity in the vineyards with various flora and fauna interplanted with the vines. The soils are plowed, and all pruning and harvesting is done by hand. The estate also has a good number of old vine parcels spread throughout the village of Seguret, some of which are classified in Côtes-du-Rhône and some in Côtes-du-Rhône Villages.

The winemaking follows the natural approach that they employ in the vineyards. The wines are all fermented with indigenous yeasts with no de-stemming. The fermentations and ageing occurs in vats of stainless steel or concrete. Bottling is done without fining and filtration and with the minimum of SO2 added.