Monde Eau

Washington, United States

Monde Eau Wines has been established to support humanitarian efforts that supply safe drinking water across the developing world. The Monde Eau line up includes a Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. All of the wines are Columbia Valley appellation and are certified organic.

Monde Eau donates a substantial portion of profits from the sale of its wines to the New York City-based charity called Charity Water. This organization is a non-profit organization devoted to bringing clean drinking water to those in greatest need. For more information about this charity, you can find it at:

In addition to the contribution that Monde Eau makes from the sale of its wines, Polaner Selections also contributes 100% of the profits for this project directly to Charity Water.

So, drink up...the wine, that is! And help out this worthy cause at the same time.

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