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In this bustling, dynamic and ever-changing wine market, our company mission has been to stay ahead of the curve and to keep our customers' palates interested, intrigued and even challenged. In each case, we look for wines in all price points that are not only of exceptional quality and value, but hopefully will also open the mind and palate to a new tasting experience. To achieve this objective, we are constantly turning over stones, and scouring the wine world for its beautiful gems, from the established to the undiscovered.

These include not only great reference point producers, but also wines made from tiny, up-and-coming producers, lesser-known indigenous varietals, as well as fascinating and sometimes rugged and out-of-the-way wine regions. Many of our producers employ organic and/or biodynamic farming and even Regenerative Agriculture, both as a gesture of responsibility to the earth in which we all live, as well as for the qualitative benefits these processes impart to the wines they produce. Some of our producers are also a part (not to mention leaders and pioneers) of the so-called "Natural Wine" movement, but are always careful that their Natural techniques don't overwhelm the underlying terroirs or the qualitative soundness of the wines they produce.

Lastly, we have made it a foremost goal to give ample focus to some of the finest examples of traditional-style producers. These gorgeous wines are true classics for a reason. They are not only steeped in history, but are also characterized by their elegance and purity, and are often forgotten and overshadowed by today’s bigger, flashier modern-styled wines.

As a team, our staff is made up of a group of dedicated wine professionals, not only passionate about what they do, but committed to bringing the highest level of service to our customers and the wineries we represent. To the wine-drinking public, our work as importers and distributors is largely behind the scenes, but our goal is to create a well-curated portfolio of wines that interest and delight. Just look for our back label as it foretells a great wine drinking experience...

Open your mind and taste!

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