California, USA
At a Glance
  • Morgan Twain-Peterson literally grew up making wine with his Father, Joel Peterson, founder of Ravenswood
  • The soul and drive of Bedrock Wine Company are the historic, mixed black, old vine vineyards that make up their Heritage wines
  • Bedrock is a founding member of The Historic Vineyard Society which is dedicated to saving, preserving and rehabilitatiing historic sites and promoting their viticulural diversity
  • Many of these Heritage sites harvested by Bedrock are ones Morgan’s father first used when starting Ravenswood
  • Morgan is the first winemaker in California to have earned the distinction of Master of Wine
In the words of winemaker Morgan Twain-Peterson: "Bedrock Wine Co. firmly believes in the philosophy that diversity is the spice of life. The wines I make are not limited to a single caste or single style. Rather, they reflect my own eclectic tastes and general feeling that a broad palate makes for more interesting gustatory experiences." Bedrock Wine Co. was started in 2007 by Morgan Twain-Peterson. Working out of a small converted chicken coop in a friend’s backyard, Morgan focused on making personality-filled wines wrought from a small array of thoughtfully farmed vineyards. Over time the chicken coop and its outdoor fermenters and tiny basket press gave way to production at another friend’s winery and eventually to the “elegant” tin-sided warehouse that is now called home. In addition, after six years of working alone the winery welcomed Chris Cottrell as a partner-in-crime along with a small, dedicated staff of highly decent human beings. The winery is first and foremost a mission-driven operation dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating old vineyards around California. These vineyards, planted by California’s viticultural pioneers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, are living pieces of history. Not only is Bedrock able to draw inspiration from those very pioneers, but they get to actually use the materials they planted, which have survived two world wars, Prohibition and a constantly changing marketplace. If something has been growing for over 100 years it not only deserves the respect of us humans, but it probably makes some darn good wine too. Some of the guiding priciples of Bedrock are: To eschew varietal Zinfandel and instead make the truly California wine intended by our forefathers by field-blending Zin with plenty of Carignane for elegance, Petite Sirah for power, Alicante Bouschet for color, and the other mixed black varietals for interest and singularity from ancient vines grown in pretty spots. To spread the gospel of Syrah in California by sourcing fruit from the great terroirs of Hudson Vineyard, Wildcat Mountain, Kick Ranch, Glenlyon, Old Lakeville and Bald Mountain. To proclaim the greatness of Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon by sparing no expense on the few great sites that yield wines of uniqueness and personality. To reclaim rose’ from the excesses of saignée and focus on precision, delicacy, aromatics, and food friendliness. To make the greatest Bordeaux Blanc blend in California from low yielding Sauvignon Blanc and ancient vine Semillon.