Catalunya, Spain
At a Glance
  • The Bohigas family have been growing grapes on this land since 1290.
  • Their vineyards are in the Anoia river valley, but further upstream at higher altitudes and cooler climates than the Penedes cava producers.
  • Xarel-lo dominates the white cavas.  This white variety has red grape like anti-oxidative properties allowing the wines to have extended lees aging without oxidizing and retaining fresh flavors.
  • Secondary fermentation and lees aging in the bottle all take place in ancient underground cellars.
  • All cavas are disgorged to order for Polaner.
  • Dosage levels are at the lower end for their designation’s allowed range.

Fermí Bohigas is a family-owned winery that has roots dating back to the 13th century. The estate is located in the town of Òdena in the River Anoia valley, about 45 minutes west of Barcelona. The current family and their ancestors have been growing grapes and making wines at this location ever since 1290; their first bottling took place in 1870. They first used the name “Bohigas” on a wine label in 1978. Today, the family’s estate encompasses 300 hectares of which 110 are split between two separate vineyard properties, named “Can Maciá” and “Can Batllevell”, both of which have their own cellars.

From grape-growing to bottling, all Bohigas wines come from their estates. The vineyards are farmed organically, and the estate is now in officially certified, though doesn't list it on labels due to additional costs that this entails. For the cava wines, Bohigas focuses on the historical and indigenous varieties of Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada for whites and Trepat for red. The estate is very famous for its Xarel-lo vines which allow for extended lees aging of the cavas in the bottle during the second fermentation. Given the meticulous care and attention to the Cavas - from vineyard to cellar to bottle, the wines are finished with low dosage levels (8g on the Reserva and 6g on the Rosat). They also make a still white wine from 100% Xarello, that is super fresh and minerally.

Today’s current owner is Jordi Casanovas Bohigas, who carries on the family tradition of producing high-quality wines from 100% estate-grown grapes. His daughter Maria Casanovas is the winemaker.  In 2000, they invested heavily in the modernization of their cellar at Can Maciá (the site of their original winery), where they traditionally produce and bottle their cava, as well as a number of still wines.