California, USA

At a Glance
  • “Entre Deux Mere” – between two mothers.  That is the heart of Drinkward Peschon and it’s two proprietors, Lisa Drinkward and Francoise Peschon
  • With both having day jobs and families, Lisa and Franciose wanted to make a wine that allowed them to express their synergy and love for Napa Valley
  • The result is a Cabernet Sauvignon that is pure, elegent and distinctively beautiful.  A wine that has seemless balance and grace to drink in it’s youth or to allow to age gracefully in the cellar
  • This small prodution Cabernet is the only wine produced, and truly speaks volumes about these two amazing women

Lisa Drinkward and Francoise Peschon were introduced to each other by their children and became fast friends. They, in fact, liken their philosophy about wine to their philosophy of raising children: "Give them a lot of tender loving care, nuture always, then let them go on to express themselves and become the unique individuals they were meant to be." Their synergy brought them together, and they named their wine "Entre Deux Meres" (between two mothers, in this case). They believe that gentle handling and minimalist intervention yields unique wines that are elegant and balanced -- a true expression of the roots.

The wine is made by both Francoise Peschon and Lisa Drinkward. Peschon is the former winemaker at Araujo vineyards in Napa, while Drinkward is the wife of Les Behrens (of Behrens Family Winery). In fact, the wine is made at Behrens Family Winery on Spring Mountain.

The wine is produced in miniscule quanties, The 2000 vintage was the first they produced, and their Cabernet Sauvignon is the only wine they bottle.

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