Il Marroneto

Tuscany, Italy

Il Marroneto is a small, eight-hectare estate on the north side of Montalcino, just outside of the town. It was founded in 1974 by Giuseppe Mori who fell in love with the estate when he first visited from nearby Siena. In that period, there were only a couple dozen producers in Montalcino, while today there are over 200! Since the beginning, they have been a staunchly traditional producer. Traditional both in the sense that they use large oak botti, but also in the sense that their philosophy and techniques have been passed down inter-generationally, from Giuseppe to his son, Alessandro, and in turn, to Alessandro’s son, Iacopo, who has recently begun working closely with his father in the running of the estate.

In the beginning, Alessandro was assisted by two famous winemaking consultants, Mario Cortevesio and Giulio Gambelli (who had ties to Montevertine, Castell’in Villa, Montenidoli, and others). Starting in 1990, Alessandro felt he was ready and capable to move forward on his own, without consultants, though still, as he says, “with much to learn from his vineyards.” In addition to fermenting and aging in large, neutral oak, Il Maronneto makes the unconventional decision for wines of this caliber to not only use free-run juice but to also use press wine, not even just first but second press wine too, in both his Brunello di Montalcino annata as well as his single-vineyard bottling, “Madonna delle Grazie.”
They have always worked with complete respect for the health of the vineyards. “Every single aspect in the vineyard must be given utmost attention as those details cannot be corrected in the cellar.” Attention to detail, both in the vineyard as well as in the cellar, has always been the highest priority for the family, though they have never felt the need for any certification for their vineyard practices.
They are most known for their two Brunelli. The first, they simply refer to as “Annata” or “Classico” which does not at all do the wine justice as it is a great, world-class Brunello. This wine, called Il Maronneto Brunello, ferments and ages first in large, 40 HL casks, and then into 26 HL casks for about 3 years followed by about 10 months in the bottle. The flagship Brunello “Madonna delle Grazie” is named after the medieval church above the winery and is sourced from a special two-hectare vineyard, their oldest parcel, located just below said church. The fermentation for this wine takes place in Allier casks which are completely closed and without temperature-control. During the fermentation, the temperature can go quite high for a period of about two days which, in turn, can give the wine a unique depth and structure. The wine then ages in 26 HL casks for 42+ months followed by at least ten months in the bottle before release. This wine is regularly among the very best Brunello made in the years that it is produced (only in top vintages). The winery also occasionally makes two special selections Rosso di Montalcino, one named Ignaccio which is a fresher style of Rosso, and one named after Iacopo which is more in the style of a “baby Brunello.”
Thank you to our partners at the Rare Wine Company for helping us to source this truly outstanding, reference-point Brunello!