Rhone, France
At a Glance
  • Domaine Jean-David is a 17 hectare estate in Séguret in the Côtes-du-Rhône appellation.
  • They are strong believers in organic viticulture and have been certified organic since 1987.
  • Varieties are co-fermented with indigenous yeasts and no destemming in vats of stainless steel or concrete.  Bottling is done without fining or filtration and with the minimum of SO2 added.

Jean David has been a steward of his family's Séguret vineyards in the appellation Côtes-du-Rhône Villages since the mid-1980s. Upon taking over the vines from his father (who never once used chemical additives), Jean immediately began organic conversion. By 1987, the vineyards were certified organic and the ethos of the domaine had taken shape. Today, Jean and his wife Martine take a back seat role, leaving the day-to-day operations of the 17-hectares estate to their son-in-law, Jean-Luc Auffret. 

The work in the vineyards is all done by hand, according to the natural rhythm of the seasons. The family embraces biodiversity in the vineyards by encouraging indigenous plants to thrive and sowing additional species in vine rows. The property consists of several old vine parcels spread throughout the village of Séguret, some of which are classified in Côtes-du-Rhône and some in Côtes-du-Rhône Villages. The percentage of sand and rocks ("cailloux") varies by parcel, with clay-limestone being the foundational soils of the area. 

The natural approach employed in the vineyard is carried into the winery. The usual varieties of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Carignan and Mourvedre are de-stemmed and co-fermented with indigenous yeast. Fermentation and aging occur in vats of stainless steel or concrete, and bottling is done without fining or filtration and with the minimum of SO2 added. The resulting wines are bright and lively with real fruit concentration and length. These are traditional Côtes-du-Rhônes with a freshness that belies the warmth of the region. 

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