Navarra, Spain

At a Glance
  • Jose Canto of TerraNostra Wines makes this wine for Polaner Selections from a quality bodega in Navarra.
  • The goal is to show case a fresher side of Garnacha while still having ripe and vibrant fruit flavors.

Lurra or "terroir" in Basque comes from the appellation of Navarra in the heart of the Basque Country and sheep country - hence the label! This region is located in the northeast of Spain and lies in between Rioja and the French border. The region is quite large and spans from the areas close to the Atlantic, where it is very cool, to the south, where it is more continental in climate. The Garnacha vineyards for Lurra are from the southern section where it is warmer but also fairly high in altitude about 1,300 feet on average. The soils here are a combination of chalk and clay. The Lurra Garnacha is made very simply in stainless steel and sees no oak aging so that it is a pure expression of its terroir. The resulting wine is very fresh and lively with a great concentration of blackberries and ripe plums along with some subtle earth and spice characteristics.

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