Campo de Borja, Spain

At a Glance
  • Jose Canto of TerraNostra Wines helps us put together this wine.
  • The goal is to show case a fresher side of Garnacha while still having ripe and vibrant fruit flavors.
  • The wine is simple and transparent and exemplifies the amazing value available form old vines in Spain.

Lurra or "terroir" in Basque is a private label Garnacha produced for Polaner by a winery in Campo de Borja. The wine is made very simply in stainless steel and sees no oak aging so that it is a pure expression of its terroir hence the idea for the name.

Our partner farms their own vineyards.  The garnacha vines they cultivate are on average in the 30-50 year old range.  All the vines are bush pruned and are in a mountainous area with elevations ranging from 350-800 meters.  This elevation is what gives the wine freshness.  Climatically speaking the area is best described as "continental" but it straddles the line between Atlantic influence which dominates in the winter and Mediterranean which tends to take over in the summer.  This translates to cold wet winters and warm dry summers.  This shift in rain fall seasonally allows for dry farming.  Soil wise they have largely red iron rich clays which help hold that water, but also a bit of chalk and different members of the slate family of rocks which add complexity.

This all adds up to a wine that is very fresh and lively with a great concentration of blackberries and ripe cherries along with some subtle earth and spice characteristics.

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