Jerez, Spain
At a Glance
  • White wines without fortification, without flor, and without sherry cask aging
  • All wines come from estate-owned and worked vineyards
  • All vineyards are farmed biodynamically
  • All wines are naturally made with minimal sulfur used

After traveling around France trying to learn about Organic Viticulture, Alejandro Muchada, from Sanlucar de Barrameda, finally got an opportunity to intern with David Leclapart in Champagne who is considered one of the leaders and pioneers of natural viticulture in the region. The two became fast friends and Alejandro learned a lot from his experience. When Alejandro returned to Sanlucar he convinced David to collaborate and try and make some wines from the area. After a few harvests and trial wines, in 2016 they decided to form Muchada-Léclapart.

Together, they cultivate 4 hectares of vineyards in biodynamic agriculture, from which their wines come. They have 4 plots in total, 3 of which are Palomino mostly of massale selection and with an average age over 60 years. These are located in the historic Pago Miraflores, on its west side, on tosca and lentejuela albariza soils. They also have a plot of Moscatel on sandy soils in Chipiona, in the Abulagar Pago.

They make around 15,000 bottles a year, 100% from their plots. All their wines come from single vineyards and are made with minimal intervention: spontaneous fermentation, no acid adjustments, and with minimal sulfur. Their goal is to produce only still white wines. As such, they do not fortify, nor do they use "flor" or old casks. For them, it is about expressing these special terroirs through careful natural viticulture and winemaking. In sum…pure Palomino and Moscatel on albariza, without makeup.