Piedmont, Italy

Isabella and her cousin, Pietro Oddero, have teamed up with their friends Fabrizio "Ito" Borgogno and Stefano Carbone of the well-known restaurant in La Morra, More e Macine, to start a new project called Monlia. The name Monlia comes from the Piemontese dialect name of the town of Monleale where the vineyards are located. The four of them partnered in the purchase of some vineyards in the Tortona area. The replanted the vineyards when they purchased them in 2019. For their first three vintages 2019-2021 they are using purchased grapes from the same area. The wine is made at Oddero though it is technically a separate brand as they share ownership with Ito and Stefano. They currently plan to just make the one wine. It is a small production. No surprise that most of the bottles will be sold at the restaurant!

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