Conca de Barbera, Spain

At a Glance
  • Pomagrana white and red are fun, easy-to-drink wines
  • Trepat is a Catalan red variety and the grape used to make the Pomagrana Red
  • Xarello – pronounced “cha-rell-oh” is a Catalan white variety and the grape used for Pomagrana White
  • Certified Organic Vineyards are used for these wines.

LECTORES VINI is a collaboration between Fredi Torres and Ollivier Jacq, dedicated to fresh and fluid wines that express the energy of distinctive Mediterranean terroirs in surprising new ways. 

Lectores was founded in 2016 by Fredi Torres, a professional house music DJ turned winemaker, who was born in Galicia, raised in Switzerland, and reared professionally in the Priorat. While traveling the world for music, he fell in love with wine, going on to enroll in enology and viticulture school. After making the leap into winemaking in Switzerland, he returned to Spain to hone his vision and craft at the legendary Priorat winery Clos Mogador. In 2004 he launched his own Priorat project, Sao del Coster, where he worked naturally in the winery and biodynamically in the vineyards long before it was common practice. He later branched out to several other regions in Spain, France, and Switzerland as a consultant, as well as co-founding Silice Viticultores in 2013 and Lectores Vini in 2016. Testing his skills and instincts in so many different regions and across many varieties and conditions, Fredi has become one of the most exciting and versatile winemakers of his generation. 

In 2023, his friend Ollivier Jacq joined the adventure. Together, they share a passion for unique grape varieties and diverse regions of Catalunya. Lectores Vini is now focused on four Catalan regions: Montsant, Priorat, Conca de Barberà, and Penedès. The lineup consists of silky and vibrant wines from organically farmed grapes, all vinified naturally, full of personality, and priced to be accessible. As Fredi says, “We are like Indiana Jones, looking for old vines, nice plots, and good grapes!”

Montsant Selección is a classic blend of Grenache, Carignan, and Syrah from the village of Masroig, which channels the rich personalities of those grapes and the Mediterranean warmth of Masroig into a velvety but mouthwatering expression of Montsant.

Priorat Clàssic is vibrant, versatile, and also mouthwatering, showing the electric charge of Garnacha and Carignan from Priorat’s famous rocky llicorella slate soils, alongside Lectores’ trademark light touch and restraint.

Pomagrana is an addictive duo: a crisp, herbal, light red Trepat, the fabulous local grape of Conca de Barberà; and a Xarello from Penedès, showing the depth of this complex Catalan variety in a bright and sunny, silky and refreshing white.