Canary Islands, Spain

At a Glance
  • Very old winery and vineyards recovered by David Silva
  • Jonatan Garcia from Suertes del Marques manages the recovery and winemaking
  • The wines are mostly whites and bottlings of individual grape varieties
  • The vineyards have some very old unique varieties like Baboso blanco

Tamerán is a new project that emerged on the island of Gran Canaria in 2019. This winery is owned by David Silva, the famous soccer player who played for Spain’s national team as well as Manchester City. Silva was born on Gran Canaria and has always had an interest in wine. He acquired an old wine estate in the center of the island, which had 6 hectares of vineyards already planted to a mix of native Canarian varieties, such as Verdello, Marmajuelo, Baboso Blanco, Vijariego Blanco, Aromatica Malvasía, Malvasía Volcánica, Vijariego Negro, etc. These vineyards are located between 620 and 700 meters of altitude on the border of the municipalities of Santa Lucía and San Bartolomé de Tirajana and are highly influenced by the volcanic rock present.

For the development of the project and elaboration of the wines, Silva chose Jonatan García from Suertes del Marqués on Tenerife, one of the Canary Island’s top producers. Jonatan works the vineyards naturally, without the use of herbicides and systemic treatments. The wines are mostly single varieties made from different sectors existing on the property, each of which with ungrafted vines. They are working to gradually increase the amount of vineyards annually, particularly with additional plantings of Listán Blanco and Baboso Blanco.

All the work in the vineyards is done painstakingly by hand, and all the wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts directly in fudres of between 15 and 25HL as well as 500-liter barrels. The goal is to accentuate the specific character of each varietal as well as the unique terroir of the island of Gran Canaria.

The current range of wines is made up of 6 references:

Baboso Blanco: 650 bottles

Vijariego Blanco: 1320 bottles

Volcanic Malvasia: 3330 bottles

Verdello: 2660 bottles

Marmajuelo: 3330 bottles

Vidueño (white and red varieties, Clarete style): 280 bottles